Are you looking to grow your wellness business but finding yourself drowning in a sea of marketing options and unsure where to start?

Do you desire a clear, concise roadmap to guide your marketing efforts towards exponential growth and success?

Look no further! This Go-At-Your-Own-Speed Program is designed explicitly for "well-being entrepreneurs" like you, to learn the foundations of marketing and simplify your To-Do's, so you can genuinely connect with the right people and grow your impact.

Helping wellpreneurs turn their passion into profit.

Helps entrepreneurs and business owners in the health & wellness industry to sell their services - without selling their soul!

Set your business up to attract your ideal clients with ease & grow your community, without the overwhelm! 

Walk away with a clear manual to hand off to virtual assistants and teammates so you can focus on what you do best.


Welcome to our game-changing program, tailored especially for passionate wellpreneurs like yourself, who recognize the power of a solid marketing strategy but could use a little help turning it into reality.

Get ready to dive into our carefully designed learning modules that will take you on a transformative ride, helping you overcome the obstacles holding back your business.

By the end of the program, you'll have a clear, actionable marketing strategy - tailored to your strengths & business goal - that will supercharge your success.

Get excited about creating marketing momentum! 

✔️ Crafting a Rock-Solid Foundation:
Uncover the fundamentals of an effective marketing strategy, ensuring your business stands on a sturdy framework, ready to weather any market storm.

✔️ Understanding Your Target Audience:
Delve deep into the psyche of your ideal customers, gaining invaluable insights that will enable you to tailor your marketing efforts for maximum impact.

✔️ Mastering Multi-Channel Marketing:
Learn how to synergize diverse marketing channels seamlessly, amplifying your reach and maximizing your business's visibility in the competitive landscape.

✔️ Overcoming Analysis Paralysis:
Banish overwhelm and indecision with our proven techniques that empower you to make informed, strategic marketing decisions with confidence and clarity.

✔️ Implementing Actionable Strategies:
Translate your newfound knowledge into practical, result-oriented actions, executing your marketing plan with precision and purpose.

What You'll Learn

To maintain that work-life balance and create not only a healthy lifestyle for yourself but also keep your business thriving!

A well-being approach

Access a wealth of knowledge and step-by-step tutorials to take action.

Bonus learning

Marketing templates and relevant resources to make your life easier! 

Helpful Resources

Intentionally crafted modules, to guide you through developing your marketing strategy and create compelling content that converts.

Video Trainings

A game-changing template that will become the master guide for your strategy. Inside the program, you'll learn how to complete it for your business and goals.

The Market Me Manual 


- Haley K. (@__haleyk), 
2023 Program Member

"I loved being a part of this program! It was great getting to learn about all the marketing techniques and hearing other peoples struggles as well, knowing we are all the same. 
Learning all these techniques has been able to give me the strategies I need to create consistency and grow my brand in so many different ways. All it takes is action and I'm in there like swimwear! Thank you for your guidance on this journey ❤️"

- Breanne Queen (@thebreathingqueen), 
2023 Program Member

"The Market Me Strategy program was exactly what I needed. Toria and Alana are extremely knowledgeable and they really want you to succeed. I had very little marketing knowledge going into the program and I felt a little intimated to dive in. They created a safe space for me to learn about marketing and explore how I can implement the concepts into my business. As an entrepreneur, it can feel isolating at times because you're doing it all alone. The group setting allowed me to see how many others are in similar situations, proving that I am not behind, there are simple steps I can take to build my marketing foundation and see the success in my business that I desire. While in a group setting, they provided so much personal support and insight that really helped me to craft a solid marketing strategy for my business. Walking out of this program I feel much more grounded in what I am doing and I no longer feel like I'm missing something. If you have the opportunity to work with Toria and Alana take it, both you and your business will thrive!"

- Ashley Reina

"Working with the Market Me Program has been inspiring, clarifying & supportive. We’re excited for what we are creating together!"

- Katherine B.

"I'm so happy I bought this product. Immediately, all my questions were answered and I was able to finally get the clarity and results I was looking for. Thank you!"


What They're Saying:

Market Me Strategy Program is for wellpreneurs who desire more growth and sales, and are ready to take action!

Hey there! We're Toria & Alana, and we're on a mission to simplify your marketing journey.

Our brainchild, the Market Me Strategy Program, was born out of our own experience as entrepreneurs. We realized that there was a gap in the market for a program like ours, and after extensive research, we were surprised to find that it didn't exist - until now.

We get it. Online programs often lack that personal touch. In today's social media frenzy, many programs focus solely on achieving viral fame, which isn't always sustainable or feasible.

Cost was another concern for us. That's why we've cracked the code to offer you the support you need from industry pros without burning a hole in your pocket, unlike those hefty marketing agencies.

What sets us apart is our well-being approach! Your mindset and well-being directly influence your ability to show up in your business. Our aim is to assist you in crafting a robust, long-term marketing strategy that isn't just a flash in the pan but a lasting solution.

The duo behind the program

Skills and strategies that have longevity so you can plan for your business long term.

Witness a surge in qualified leads as you employ our proven strategies.

Accountability allows for your ideas and inspirations to come to life.

An online space creates the ability to be flexible with your busy lifestyle.

Clarifies your business direction in terms of sales and marketing.


Eliminates the feeling that you wear all hats in your business and offloads some items to others like a virtual assistant.

🎯Entrepreneurs who have either a small team or no team (also known as solopreneurs) to help them grow their business without burning out!

🎯 Small business owners in the wellness industry - or that prioritize well-being - who are looking to generate leads and grow their impact.

🎯 Wellpreneurs who can commit a couple hours each week to learning, creating and implementing their marketing strategy.

🎯 Wellness Practitioners who are looking to serve more clients and scale their business without cloning themselves!! 

Market Me Strategy Program is for:

 ⛔ Professionals who do NOT want new leads added to their roster every month.

⛔ A large corporation that has a number of departments doing all the work.

⛔ Professionals who wish to do all the work themselves therefore; leading to unintentional creative burnout.

⛔ Business owners who are happy to spend their time searching through the depths of the internet and social media to find the ‘right marketing plan.’

Market Me Strategy Program is NOT for:

Easy-to-use templates that make your life easier and can be used for the lifetime of your business.


You will know exactly what to do week to week to create marketing momentum in your business.


Creating a marketing guide that you can easily pass over to a marketing manager or virtual assistant.


Helping you to level up your marketing know-how. 

Pre-recorded trainings you can access over & over

Why Wellpreneurs LOOOOVE the Market Me Strategy Program:

Simply click here, provide your credit information, and get instant access to the program!


We’d love to work with you further! Please send us an email or click here and we can discuss our 1-1 coaching & consulting offers.

WHAT IF I NEED hands-on Help?

Yes, our course is designed to be flexible. Once you enroll, you'll have access to all the modules, allowing you to learn at your own convenience and revisit the material as often as needed.

Can I access the course content at my own pace?

There are no ongoing membership fees! Purchase this program and you get product lifetime access. 



Who is this course best suited for?

Entrepreneurs, small business owners, freelancers - especially those in the health & wellness industry - and anyone looking to enhance their understanding of marketing strategies to achieve long-term growth and success.

Our course is built on a foundation of practical, real-world knowledge and hands-on experience, tailored to the needs of wellness businesses. We focus on providing actionable strategies that have been tried and tested in the ever-evolving landscape of digital marketing, ensuring that you gain the skills necessary to adapt and succeed.

What makes this course different from other marketing courses available online?


Don’t miss out on your opportunity to continually attract more leads and convert them to clients!

Improve your marketing IQ, avoid creative burnout, sell MORE and build a marketing strategy that gets real results.


Unwind your mind and design your dreams!

Give the gift of mindfulness -through coloring! ✨ 88 unique designs with inspiring affirmations.